TheSparklingLifestyle – why?

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood

Many of you may wonder why I chose this particular name. What does the name actually mean? Why sparkling lifestyle?

Well, for me health has the highest priority. It doesn’t only mean physical health. Different aspects lead to a good health leading to a sparkling lifestyle.

Physical as well as mental health are crucial for a humans life. How are we supposed to live our lives if we don’t feel good (in and outside)?

We all know that eating healthy and excising leads to a better physical health. What can we do to maintain our mental health? Following things have helped me so far:

  • happiness – you need to be happy in order to be living your life to the fullest; live your life in a way which makes you more happy
  • working on yourself – the world is constantly changing and the expectations on us too; we need to work on ourself to keep up in order to get what we want in life
  • beauty – enhancing your beauty from outside as well as inside is another important aspect. Feeling beautiful from the outside is not enough. Feeling beautiful from the inside too will make you more happy and satisfied about life and yourself
  • broaden your mind – you need to get out of your comfort zone; try new things and travel around. This will definitely change your way of thinking and make you see things from a different angle

I want to share my experiences with this kind of lifestyle with you. Live the sparkling lifestyle.


Framing by shaping

Eyebrows – the one thing you can get into shape without exercising

FullSizeRenderI’m a minimalist when it comes to everyday make up. Full face make up or half an hour longer sleep? I definitely like to sleep more than looking flawless. On an every day basis mascara, eyeliner and some kind of lip balm is all I need.

I totally underestimated the power of eyebrows all my life. I tried it before with other products like an eyebrow pencil or powder but nothing looked right. It looked unnatural and I just didn’t feel comfortable.

Well, one product completely changed my mind and now I am all about shaping the eyebrows: Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. So many people raved about it but I never gave it a try until a few months ago.

One sunny day in February when I was all by myself in San Francisco I did what most of the girls would do. I went to Sephora at Union Square. There it was, the Brow Wiz, catching my attention. The shop assistant recommended dark brown for my type of hair color (I have black hair). I tried it immediately after returning to my hotel. Let me tell you it was love at first sight! It was just so easy to use but made my eyebrows look perfect and the most important thing was it looked so natural like they were my own eyebrows. Well shaped, filled eyebrows do frame your face and overall enhance your natural beauty. Perfect eyebrows with the Brow Wiz is all I need at the moment. Sometimes I leave the house even without mascara and eyeliner.

Framing your face by shaping the eyebrows is what you need!

Day 2 – LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Universal Studio

Wow – I just realize how much we did on this day by recapping it. We started very early on this day (we did that pretty much the whole trip) at 8 o’clock. We went to downtown LA first and made stops at Disney Concert Hall and then Historic District.

There was a fruit stand in downtown LA. The lady made really good fruit salads by using fresh products and then she seasoned it with lemon and mexican chili seasoning (Tajin). I never tried the combination of spiciness with fruits like Watermelon or Honeydew. But let me tell you – it was delicious! We had it pretty much everyday on our trip and we also bought the seasoning to take home so we can remake it.

Afterwards we went to Beverly Hills. It was so exciting to finally go there. Which girl doesn’t want that right? We walked to Rodeo Drive which is a street in Beverly Hills with all the luxury shops like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Most of the celebrities shop there so don’t wonder when you see very expensive cars there – it is normal.

One of the two highlights of the day was definitely Hollywood! You feel like you are in spotlight walking over the walk of fame (hehe) and obviously you got to take a picture in front of the Hollywood sign. How many opportunities like that do you get in life?

Second highlight of the day was Universal Studios. It is one of the major studios in the US and plays a big part in the movie industry. Many worldwide known movies were shot there and it was just an unbelievable feeling to be standing there. It also includes a theme park so you never get bored. I loved the universal tour itself. We were able to see different sets. One of them was that of Fast and the Furious. We also went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (although I got to admit I never watched a movie as I have not read the books yet; I know I should), Jurassic Park and oh I loved the King Kong 3D experience. It was far the best 3D experience ever which I have experienced until now.

The day was full of new experiences and emotions. We saw so many things in just one day and I still haven’t digested everything but writing about it helps a lot. Writing for me really helps to process things and my feelings. Its helps to recapture moments, memories and emotions I had at that specific moment.

Brighten up

You come home from your holiday and then looking at the pictures you have taken you realize that your skin looks dry and dull. Does that happen to you too?

Well, travelling can be stressful to you and your body. You body as well as your skin needs to adapt to new environment and conditions all the time. Change of environment, water and humidity may affect your skin. Especially being on an airplane can dry out you skin.

As soon as I come home I like to pamper my skin with a good homemade facial mask. I use all natural products.

Having an indian background facial mask using chickpea flour as a main ingredient is well known.

I use following components in my facial mask:

  • chickpea flour (acts as an exfoliant and brightens up your face)
  • pinch of tumeric powder (anti aging, antimicrobial, lightens pigmentation and more)
  • natural yoghurt (moisturizing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and more)
  • lemon (brightening and removes excess oil)

How to make the mask:

  1. 1 teaspoon chickpea flour
  2. pinch of tumeric powder (too much will give you a yellowish hue)
  3. 1 tablespoon natural plain yoghurt
  4. lemon (add as much as needed to make a smooth paste)

Apply the mask onto your face and let it do it’s magic for about 20 minutes. The mask will dry quickly and may feel a bit stiff. Then soak a small towel with warm water and remove the mask.

Your skin will feel so much softer and hydrated. Your skin will be glowy and softer.

Give your skin a little bit of spa time!

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.

Postive Vibes


The Five Minute Journal – Intelligent Change Inc.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

Starting every day with a positive thought and something you are grateful for is a great way towards more positivity in your life. Starting and ending your day with gratitude is scientifically proven to have a positive impact psychologically.

I started using the 5 Minute Journal by Intelligent Change Inc. a couple of months ago. The journal will help you to keep focus on the good things in your life and get rid of the negativity.

Our world can be full of negativity sometimes. People who may try to drag you down or always have something to criticize on you. It can be also a phase in your life where things just don’t work out the way you wish which then can cause negativity in you.

Sparing 5 minutes each day can help you lead your life into a positive direction.

How the journal works:

Every day starts with a motivational quote. In the morning you have to note three things which you should note down right after getting up:

  • what you are grateful for
  • what would make today great
  • daily affirmations

At the end of the day you have to note down two other things to finish off the day:

  • 3 amazing things that happened today
  • what you could have done to make today better

Practicing gratitude can have following beneficial effects on your (mental)  health:

  • stronger immune system as well as lower blood pressure
  • you will develop more positive emotion
  • you will feel more joy, happiness and and generally more optimism
  • you will have more generosity and compassion
  • you might feel less lonely and isolated

To be honest I was not able to do this every single day as I forget it sometimes. But I can say that when I use it I feel more relaxed and see the day from a different perspective. I can finish the day off in a proper day and go to bed with a free mind and more grateful.

You should try it out.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.