Fresh Flowers

Where flower blooms so does hope – Lady Bird Johnson

Keeping fresh flowers in your household can bring many beneficial effects.

  • decorates your home
  • pop of color
  • improves the quality of the air
  • gives a nice fragrance
  • improves productivity
  • makes you more creative
  • makes you happier and improves your mood
  • memories can be aroused

I am always excited when someone brings me fresh flowers. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary and my husband brought me some bright red roses and it made my day instantly. The colors and fragrance of flowers make me happy and they give me hope. Flowers need some care in order to stay beautiful for a longer time. So does life. You need to take care of yourself, the people around you and the relationships you have. For me flowers symbolize the fact that life is all about caring and motivate me to do better.

So always keep some fresh flowers and enjoy the free benefits.


See the good

Negativity is a thief, it steals happiness

IMG_1254Our world can be full of negativity. To be honest I strongly believe it is just the way you see the things. Obviously things happen and people behave in a way which is not acceptable but the way you react to it depends completely on yourself. You can let yourself carried away with the negativity or resist against it.

Not only does negativity steal your happiness, it also affects your health. Chronic stress can be induced by negativity which then again leads to unhappiness. Depletion of important neurotransmitters which play an essential role for happiness is a consequence of chronic stress.

Studies have shown that chronic stress may lead to the reduction of lifespan due to the shortening of telomeres which are the end part of your DNA. Gastrointestinal problems as well as heart diseases are also major consequences.

Unhappiness caused by negativity can also lead to depression which has become a huge problem in our society nowadays.

Why does negativity influence our lives so much? In my opinion competition and our will to do better can be one of the influencing factors. Competition is everywhere in this day and age. We are competing for jobs, admission to good schools, better salaries or even promotions. In this respect we come across negativity.

Why did the other one get the job and not me? Why wasn’t I good enough? These are typical questions which may bother our minds. Additionally there are negative people everywhere who want to drain all the positive energy out of you. They will make you lose your self-esteem.

I used to be a very pessimistic person. I would see the negative aspect in everything first before seeing the good. A few years back I had a very bad phase in my life. Now I know it was mainly caused by chronic stress. I was excepting a lot from myself because there was a lot of pressure on me from others. I was unhappy and couldn’t enjoy things anymore. I hadreached a point where I knew I had to change something to not lose the things I’ve worked so hard for.

I knew I had to change the way I was thinking and slowly overcome my negative thoughts as well as negativity around myself to something positive.

Whenever something bad happens now, I try to ask myself: what is the good in this situation? How bad it may seem there is always something positive in there and finding it, may lead to happiness. Nowadays I try to eliminate people who want me to feel bad. You don’t need those people in your life.

So try to remember:

  • negativity will only harm your health and happiness
  • it is just the way you see things and your attitude towards it
  • bad things/phases are part of life; try to accept them
  • slowly replace negative thoughts by positive ones
  • always see the good in everything
  • eliminate negative people out of your life; they are toxic
  • life is a gift so be grateful


Postive Vibes


The Five Minute Journal – Intelligent Change Inc.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

Starting every day with a positive thought and something you are grateful for is a great way towards more positivity in your life. Starting and ending your day with gratitude is scientifically proven to have a positive impact psychologically.

I started using the 5 Minute Journal by Intelligent Change Inc. a couple of months ago. The journal will help you to keep focus on the good things in your life and get rid of the negativity.

Our world can be full of negativity sometimes. People who may try to drag you down or always have something to criticize on you. It can be also a phase in your life where things just don’t work out the way you wish which then can cause negativity in you.

Sparing 5 minutes each day can help you lead your life into a positive direction.

How the journal works:

Every day starts with a motivational quote. In the morning you have to note three things which you should note down right after getting up:

  • what you are grateful for
  • what would make today great
  • daily affirmations

At the end of the day you have to note down two other things to finish off the day:

  • 3 amazing things that happened today
  • what you could have done to make today better

Practicing gratitude can have following beneficial effects on your (mental)  health:

  • stronger immune system as well as lower blood pressure
  • you will develop more positive emotion
  • you will feel more joy, happiness and and generally more optimism
  • you will have more generosity and compassion
  • you might feel less lonely and isolated

To be honest I was not able to do this every single day as I forget it sometimes. But I can say that when I use it I feel more relaxed and see the day from a different perspective. I can finish the day off in a proper day and go to bed with a free mind and more grateful.

You should try it out.

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