Fresh Flowers

Where flower blooms so does hope – Lady Bird Johnson

Keeping fresh flowers in your household can bring many beneficial effects.

  • decorates your home
  • pop of color
  • improves the quality of the air
  • gives a nice fragrance
  • improves productivity
  • makes you more creative
  • makes you happier and improves your mood
  • memories can be aroused

I am always excited when someone brings me fresh flowers. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary and my husband brought me some bright red roses and it made my day instantly. The colors and fragrance of flowers make me happy and they give me hope. Flowers need some care in order to stay beautiful for a longer time. So does life. You need to take care of yourself, the people around you and the relationships you have. For me flowers symbolize the fact that life is all about caring and motivate me to do better.

So always keep some fresh flowers and enjoy the free benefits.


Butter coffee

Butter coffee. Does that sound weird to you too? Well, I tried it for the first time ever in my life today and let me tell you: it was delicous. I felt a bit nauseous after drinking it because of the high fat content but that wasn’t a problem after a few minutes.

IMG_1257Why should you drink butter coffee?

  • fat burning
  • boost of energy
  • beneficial for mental health (boost of energy for your brain)
  • you get more out of the antioxidants in coffee (adding milk reduces the effect)

This is how I made my butter coffee:

  • use 2.5 teaspoon of instant coffee for 500ml hot water (or brew your coffee as usual)
  • add the coffee to blender
  • add 2 tablespoon of butter
  • add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • blend everything until creamy


I am skeptical whether this is really going to work but I will keep you guys posted!



Day 3 – Joshua Tree Nationalpark, Amboy, Laughlin

It was a a very early morning on this day. My husband was awake at 6 and his first thought was where to have breakfast. The breakfast at the hotel we were staying at was not the best one (cereals and white bread only). Subway was the only place near our hotel so we went there to grab a sandwich before we had to return to our hotel as the guide planned to leave at 8 o’clock sharp.

Our first stop on the way to Joshua Tree Nationalpark was Hadley Fruit Orchards. It’s a grocery store famous for it’s delicious date (banana) shake. They sell wholesome organic foods and as we like to consume organic groceries in our every day life we bought some fruits, nuts and veggies to have on the road. The Joshua Tree NAtionalpark consists two deserts (Mojave and Colorado) and is full of Yucca trees. We did a round trip at the park and enjoyed the views and different plant species.

On our way to Laughlin we made another stop in Amboy. It is a little town with only a few buildings and about 10 people  (according to our guide). Amboy is famous for the Roy’s Motel and Café which is a landmark for Route 66. Many years back Route 66 used to be the main street of America. Everyone doing a tour in the West Coast of USA will make a stop at Route 66 to take a legendary photo. Obviously we did that too and we tried the Route 66 root beer which is without any alcohol and made out of cane sugar. To be honest I didn’t like the taste of it. It was too sweet and not tasty (for me at least).

We stayed in Laughlin that night. It is a mini version of Las Vegas with many casino hotels. Our guide told us the story about how the town was founded by Don Laughlin. Listening to the history is really fascinating sometimes. We played a little but I am not a Casino girl and luck never knocks my door anyway (hehe).

After an italian dinner and a walk through the town we went to sleep so we could be all set for a new day.

TheSparklingLifestyle – why?

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood

Many of you may wonder why I chose this particular name. What does the name actually mean? Why sparkling lifestyle?

Well, for me health has the highest priority. It doesn’t only mean physical health. Different aspects lead to a good health leading to a sparkling lifestyle.

Physical as well as mental health are crucial for a humans life. How are we supposed to live our lives if we don’t feel good (in and outside)?

We all know that eating healthy and excising leads to a better physical health. What can we do to maintain our mental health? Following things have helped me so far:

  • happiness – you need to be happy in order to be living your life to the fullest; live your life in a way which makes you more happy
  • working on yourself – the world is constantly changing and the expectations on us too; we need to work on ourself to keep up in order to get what we want in life
  • beauty – enhancing your beauty from outside as well as inside is another important aspect. Feeling beautiful from the outside is not enough. Feeling beautiful from the inside too will make you more happy and satisfied about life and yourself
  • broaden your mind – you need to get out of your comfort zone; try new things and travel around. This will definitely change your way of thinking and make you see things from a different angle

I want to share my experiences with this kind of lifestyle with you. Live the sparkling lifestyle.

Postive Vibes


The Five Minute Journal – Intelligent Change Inc.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama

Starting every day with a positive thought and something you are grateful for is a great way towards more positivity in your life. Starting and ending your day with gratitude is scientifically proven to have a positive impact psychologically.

I started using the 5 Minute Journal by Intelligent Change Inc. a couple of months ago. The journal will help you to keep focus on the good things in your life and get rid of the negativity.

Our world can be full of negativity sometimes. People who may try to drag you down or always have something to criticize on you. It can be also a phase in your life where things just don’t work out the way you wish which then can cause negativity in you.

Sparing 5 minutes each day can help you lead your life into a positive direction.

How the journal works:

Every day starts with a motivational quote. In the morning you have to note three things which you should note down right after getting up:

  • what you are grateful for
  • what would make today great
  • daily affirmations

At the end of the day you have to note down two other things to finish off the day:

  • 3 amazing things that happened today
  • what you could have done to make today better

Practicing gratitude can have following beneficial effects on your (mental)  health:

  • stronger immune system as well as lower blood pressure
  • you will develop more positive emotion
  • you will feel more joy, happiness and and generally more optimism
  • you will have more generosity and compassion
  • you might feel less lonely and isolated

To be honest I was not able to do this every single day as I forget it sometimes. But I can say that when I use it I feel more relaxed and see the day from a different perspective. I can finish the day off in a proper day and go to bed with a free mind and more grateful.

You should try it out.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.