Brighten up

You come home from your holiday and then looking at the pictures you have taken you realize that your skin looks dry and dull. Does that happen to you too?

Well, travelling can be stressful to you and your body. You body as well as your skin needs to adapt to new environment and conditions all the time. Change of environment, water and humidity may affect your skin. Especially being on an airplane can dry out you skin.

As soon as I come home I like to pamper my skin with a good homemade facial mask. I use all natural products.

Having an indian background facial mask using chickpea flour as a main ingredient is well known.

I use following components in my facial mask:

  • chickpea flour (acts as an exfoliant and brightens up your face)
  • pinch of tumeric powder (anti aging, antimicrobial, lightens pigmentation and more)
  • natural yoghurt (moisturizing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and more)
  • lemon (brightening and removes excess oil)

How to make the mask:

  1. 1 teaspoon chickpea flour
  2. pinch of tumeric powder (too much will give you a yellowish hue)
  3. 1 tablespoon natural plain yoghurt
  4. lemon (add as much as needed to make a smooth paste)

Apply the mask onto your face and let it do it’s magic for about 20 minutes. The mask will dry quickly and may feel a bit stiff. Then soak a small towel with warm water and remove the mask.

Your skin will feel so much softer and hydrated. Your skin will be glowy and softer.

Give your skin a little bit of spa time!

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.


Get the glow!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it contains lipids which consists a certain amount of fats.  Oil is naturally produced on our skin and it prevents our skin from dehydration.

Nowadays we use harsh chemical products to remove the oil on our skin. By doing this our skin will produce even more oil.

A few months ago I started using natural oils as my moisturizer as well as for cleansing my face. I hesitated at the beginning as I have sensitive combination skin and I was afraid that using oil would contribute to break outs.

I bought qualitative organic oils to create a facial oil and oil cleanser.

The basic ingridients of my facial oil:

Jojobaoil (2/3 as my base oil)

Rose hip seed oil (1/3)

Vitamin E oil (few drops)

Chamomile aromatherapy oil (a few drops)

Properties of these oils:


– contains natural lipids (similar to those in our skin)

– reduces irritation

– prevents wrinkles

– especially suitable for impure skin, as it regulates the sebaceous glands


Rose Hip Seed Oil

– rich in Vitamin A, C, D, E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants

– contributes to firmness of the skin

– good against scars, wounds and stretch marks and burn

– can reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin E

– natural antioxidant

– keeps the membranes healthy

– natural preservative


– calming

– relaxing

– balancing

After using the facial oil for a few months now I can say that it helps your skin a lot. I used to have wrinkles on my forehead due to dehydration. The fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable now. My skin has gotten more glow and the skin tone is more even now. The oil has a very light texture hence it infiltrates the skin very fast. I use this oil under my eyes as well and it has reduced my dark under eye circles.

This method is a natural way to enhance your natural  beauty and obtain the properties of your skin without harming it.

Get your glow with this natural facial oil method!

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.