Day 3 – Joshua Tree Nationalpark, Amboy, Laughlin

It was a a very early morning on this day. My husband was awake at 6 and his first thought was where to have breakfast. The breakfast at the hotel we were staying at was not the best one (cereals and white bread only). Subway was the only place near our hotel so we went there to grab a sandwich before we had to return to our hotel as the guide planned to leave at 8 o’clock sharp.

Our first stop on the way to Joshua Tree Nationalpark was Hadley Fruit Orchards. It’s a grocery store famous for it’s delicious date (banana) shake. They sell wholesome organic foods and as we like to consume organic groceries in our every day life we bought some fruits, nuts and veggies to have on the road. The Joshua Tree NAtionalpark consists two deserts (Mojave and Colorado) and is full of Yucca trees. We did a round trip at the park and enjoyed the views and different plant species.

On our way to Laughlin we made another stop in Amboy. It is a little town with only a few buildings and about 10 people  (according to our guide). Amboy is famous for the Roy’s Motel and Café which is a landmark for Route 66. Many years back Route 66 used to be the main street of America. Everyone doing a tour in the West Coast of USA will make a stop at Route 66 to take a legendary photo. Obviously we did that too and we tried the Route 66 root beer which is without any alcohol and made out of cane sugar. To be honest I didn’t like the taste of it. It was too sweet and not tasty (for me at least).

We stayed in Laughlin that night. It is a mini version of Las Vegas with many casino hotels. Our guide told us the story about how the town was founded by Don Laughlin. Listening to the history is really fascinating sometimes. We played a little but I am not a Casino girl and luck never knocks my door anyway (hehe).

After an italian dinner and a walk through the town we went to sleep so we could be all set for a new day.


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