West Coast USA – Day 1

Who doesn’t dream of going to California at least once in their life? Warm, sunny weather, nice people and just experience the Californian way of life.

I always wanted to go the west coast since my childhood and this year my dream came true. My husband and I went on a two weeks round trip with a tour guide and other people on a bus. We hesitated at the beginning as we never did a tour like that but it was so worth it and a great experience. Our guide was so experienced and had knowledge about everything and he knew the west coast by heart. He gave us valuable information as well as great tips.

In the next days I will share my (our) experiences with you guys and maybe it might help some of you who are about to do a trip like this.


After 12 hours of journey full of excitement and anticipation we landed on LAX. As expected there was a huge line in front of the US border control. It took us about 2 hours to get out and pick up our luggage.

At arrival our guide was waiting for us and then we got a shuttle to our hotel. We were exhausted and tired (I barely sleep on airplanes) but we still wanted to see as much as possible of Los Angeles as we only had 2 days in LA.

I always buy guidebooks before any trip and even on this trip although we had a proper guide I bought one. On this day the guide didn’t plan anything as other people needed to arrive first.

My husband was hungry and due to the fact he loves seafood we went to a place called Joe’s Crab Shack. If you love seafood especially crab and lobster that is a place to go.


Sweet potato fries

I wasn’t hungry that much so I just ordered sweet potato fries. I have been wanting to try them in America for ages so I did. They were really crispy and yummy. Usually I’m not a sweet potato fan because they are too sweet for my taste.

According to my guidebook you should start with Santa Monica when you are in LA which we then did. Unfortunately it was already late in the evening and the weather was crispy so we didn’t enjoy much of the beach and pier. But we went to a really cool place called Urth Caffé. They have organic coffees and teas. I ordered Spanish Latte which was delicious. This coffee shop was so cosy due to the oil lamp.

After that we felt so jetlagged so went to the hotel and had a good night sleep.

Day 2 will follow soon.

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