Travel around – Get inspired

Hey guys!

I am still on vacation but I still wanted to share an important thought with you guys. As you know I am travelling around the westcoast of USA currently. While travelling you learn so many new things, new cultures, new people and so on. But for me travelling also means getting inspired. By all the new experiences and places I get inspired. It inspires me to see the world from different eyes and point of view.

We are doing the trip with a tour guide and he is a very nice old man who knows so much. He has a wide interest and has knowledge about pretty  much everything. I talked to him more today as he has inspired me from day 1 of the trip. I asked him how he knows so much and he gave me the answer: by asking the question WHY. Besides being an archaeologist as soon as he sees something he asks himself the question: why is that so? Then he notes it down and later on he will read about it. All the things which interest him stay in his mind forever. That’s just amazing. He is old but he keeps himself young by keeping him active and having good thoughts and travelling which makes him happy. He quoted Dalai Lama and said that only you can be responsible for your own happiness.

These kind of experiences are only possible  when you get out of your own horizon and travel around. Even if it is just a different city in your country. Just do it. Get INSPIRED!

Have a great week guys!

Your SparklingLifestyle Blogger.


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