My travel essentials – Road trip edition

I am going on a two weeks round trip to the west coast of USA tomorrow and there a certain things I cannot leave without.

My travel essentials make me be prepared for any possible circumstances.

On this trip I will be on the road a lot so for this kind of trip a lightweight backpack is the best option. I chose the Longchamp Le Pliage one in khaki. The Le Pliage collection is so practical and I have a little collection of the shoppers. This is my first backpack from that series and I am really impressed. It is big enough for all my essentials but small enough to not look like a school bag.

The khaki goes pretty much with anything you wear and it is trendy too.

So here are my travel essentials round trip edition:

1. Wallet (obviously!; mine is by Michael Kors; choose a little one because you do not want to take every card with you)

2. Sunglasses (it is crucial to protect your eyes from UV light; my sunglasses are by Chanel)

3. Cleansing wipes (do not forget them; it is always nice if you have the possibility to clean your face; I chose one which is hydrating too)

4. Sanitary wipes (this is essential when you are on the road or airport; you want to make sure that things you touch are clean in order to prevent yourself from diseases)

5. Tangle Teezer (to brush your hair on the go)

6. Hand cream (you want to moisturize your hands after washing them)

7. Moisturizer for your face (to hydrate your face after cleaning)

8. Disinfection Spray with wound healing properties (in case you get wounded)

9. Lipbalm and a lipstick which is hydrating but gives you a little little of color too

10. Sleep therapy aroma roll on (I always have trouble sleeping on airplanes)

I also need to add a pack of tissues, band-aids,  little toothbrush and paste for on the go and hand sanitizer.

Oh and one important thing… my PASSPORT of course!

With these essentials you can happily enjoy your trip without any worries!

Hope this helped for your next trip.

Have an amazing day.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.


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