It’s all about time

The way we spend our time defines who we are – Jonathan Estrin

Dropping the phone while switching off the alarm, getting out of the door without spilling your coffee or running like you are in a marathon to catch your train. Who doesn’t know the feeling of having to little time?

We live in a world where we have to be on time always and in everything we do.

Our lifestyle may differ but at the end of the day we all have the same aim: we want to accomplish our unique goals in life. For that we have to work hard and time plays a crucial part in that process.

I am in gradschool doing a masters in Life Sciences but at the same time I am a wife too. I have to clean our apartment, do the laundry and so on. My husband is a huge help in the household but when it comes to cooking I prefer to do it by myself. Otherwise I would be eating pasta or salad all the time (hehe).

They key to manage everything is to manage your time well.

Even though nowadays time becomes more imporant than it used to be several years ago our day has only 24h which won’t change to any circumstances.

How can you achieve everything with (my) much needed 8.5h of sleep? Well, again time management guys.

  1. You need a planner -I know many people use their phone for everything. They keep track of their appointments, make notes and plan ahead. But I highly recommend keeping a proper journal where you can write stuff. Personally I find that phones can be overwhelming at times. You use it to make phone calls, check your E-Mails or all of the social media. With such a chaos I am not able to organize my life and keep track on my appointments. Maybe you are a genius and you can do it well.
  2. Prioritize! You cannot do everything at the same time. Make a list of the things which need to be done first and work things off by the list
  3. Do the things with passion – when you keenly engage yourself with the things you do, you start to enjoy them and then it does not seem like something you need to do
  4. Reward yourself – it’s always nice to reward yourself after you have accomplished an important task. It can be a piece of really good dark chocolate or your favorite TV show in your break (oh yeah)
  5. Make time for the things you love. You can work hard towards your goals but what is the point when you get stressed out and develop anxiety because you don’t get time to relax. Spare about 2h per day for yourself. Do sports, watch your favorite show or just spend time with your loved ones. This is essential for your mental health and overall happiness.

Hope this will help some of you guys.

TheSparkingLifeStyle Blogger.



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