Have a cup of raspberry leave tea!

Even in the ancient time it was a known fact that the raspberry leaves have many therapeutic benefits.

The leaves contain polyphenols which act as antioxidants. Free radicals are naturally formed in the cells of our body during various mechanisms which lead to cell damages. Antioxidants may counteract with the cell damage and may even repair it.

The leaves have been used against diarrhea and it may also help to relax the blood vessels. The tea can be beneficial against cramps during your cycle and can even increase your fertility. Nowadays the tea is used a lot during birth preparation as it is supposed to induce contractions.

I am currently preparing my body slowly for pregnancy and thought I should give this tea a try. The raspberry leaves are known to regulate your cycle too and has a beneficial effect on the uterus.

I bought my tea at an organic grocery store and it costed about 12 Dollars which is quite expensive. But is is always better to pay a little bit more money if you want good quality of tea.

The taste of the tea is mainly neutral like many other herbal teas.

 You should drink about 2 cups per day. I usually use one teaspoon of the leaves with boiling hot water and let it infuse for about 10min before I remove the leaves.

I love drinking tea throughout the day so it is always nice to have a change of tea. What is more relaxing than a cup of good tea?

Until next time,


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