Happy You = Beautiful Life

We have reached a point where stress has become a major issue in many different aspects nowadays. Stress leads to many health related problems as well as personal struggle.

Why do we stress? Well besides that being a natural biological process happening in our body there are other things factors contributing to it.

In todays world we want to succeed in many aspects. We want to succeed in our education in order to have a successful career later. We want to be a good wife (husband), daughter (son), sister (brother) or a great mom (dad). We put so much pressure on ourselves so we can manage everything.

But on the way we often forget to look after ourselves.

A few years ago I used to stress a lot about my education. I married young and I did not want that to affect my studies in any way. I thought I need to study all the time to keep up as a student. Sadly I was not productive with this strategy. I did not do well in my studies and I struggled generally in my life. I felt sad and unhappy. That was the point I realized my strategy does not work and I need to change the way I think and the way I was living in order to be happy, successful and be healthy.

I was able to do that and here being much more happier and I finished by bachelor which I thought I would never achieve.

I would like to share some points I followed to change my way of thinking to lead a happier, healthier life and be more productive.

1. Reserve time for things you love – may it be spending time with your family, following your hobbies or just taking time for yourself

2. Prioritize! – you cannot do everything; make a list of things which need to be done

3. Use your time efficiently – do not think studying all the time or overworking will make you more successful; it may go the other way

4. Sleep enough

5. Do not think to much – at the end everything will turn out the way they are supposed to

6. Eliminate negativity – may it be negative thoughts or people; they will just pull you back (I am still working on this point)

7. Travel! – I have been traveling more in the past few years and I have to say it has changed the way I think now; with every trip you learn something new and you expand your own horizon

8. Live a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy and doing physical activities care beneficial for you body as well as mental health

9. You come first! – take care of yourself and your needs first; only when you are happy and satisfied with your life you can help others

10. Try to live in the present – I know this can be hard; we tend to plan too much ahead but try to enjoy the current moment and not think about the past nor future.

Hope this helped some of you.

Have a nice day and a happy easter.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.


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