Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

My two weeks adventure in America is over and I am

on my way back home.

Although I miss America already and wish I could be there right now I am really looking forward to going home.

Who does not know that feeling? You love travelling and discovering new places but sometimes you do wish to be at your place where you feel “home”.

I learned so many new things during this trip and my guide was definitely a huge inspiration.

Few of the many important things he said:

– life is a gift

– you are responsible for your own happiness

– ask the question why, whatever you see or hear ask yourself why is that so

– to keep memories alive, you have to talk about them

I don’t know whether I will ever see him again but I will never forget him and the things he showed and told us. But hey who doesn’t know the saying “you always meet twice”. You never know.

I will post the itinerary of my trip separated by days on my blog so it won’t be too long.

Now it means back to normal stuff. School, housewife stuff and so on.

My next adventure is end of June. I am going to a different continent far far away hehe. So follow me on instagram if you want to see where my next adventure will be. (thesparklinglifestyleblog)

Have a great week.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.


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