Coco Love

Every new year I start with the resolution of drinking more water to keep me hydrated. The majority of your body is made of water and your cells NEED water to function properly.

Still I fail each time to keep up with the minimum of 1.5l of water per day. I love drinking tea but I never feel like drinking water unless I am already dehydrated and thirsty which is a BAD sign.

If you feel thirsty it indicates that your body is dehydrated and may affect your health.

A beverage which is similar to water but tastes much better and gives you nutrients too is coconut water. It is the perfect drink when you enjoy it chilled in those hot summer days.

Reason why you should give coconut water a try:

– low in calories

– helps you lose weight

– makes your skin glow (beauty)

– better digestion

– isotonic

– nutrients (potassium, magnesium calcium and more)

– hydration

My favorite one is from Chi organic which is depicted on the picture.

It is 100% raw organic. No added sugar, no preservatives, 100% pure, never heated, cold extracted and not from concentrate. The water is from young Thai Nam-Hom coconut. It is definitely a luxury version as it costs about 5 Dollars at my grocery store. The taste is so amazing so I enjoy it now and then.

Lean back and enjoy some coconut water feeling like you are on an beautiful island..

Thanks for reading.

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