Channa Masala with Quinoa

In todays hectic world we mostly eat quickly and grab food on the way. To live a healthy life it is crucial to know what you eat and take up in your body. I want to know what I eat and which nutrients I take into my body hence I try as much as I can to cook my meals myself.

Due to the fact that I have an indian background I like to cook indian food now and then.

Who can live without spicy food? Nobody right.. hehe.

Anyways I want to share this recipe with you guys which is a healthier alternative of Curry with Rice.

Cook your Quinoa according to the instructions of the package

Channa Masala

– finely chop one onion into small pieces

– cut 2 tomatoes into small cubes

– dice chillies according to your desire of spiciness (you will add chili powder too)

– heat up a pan with a little bit of oil

– season the oil with cumin seeds, fennel seeds and mustard seeds

– add the chopped onions and fry until golden brown

– add the diced tomatoes until it becomes a little bit like a paste

– add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste to increase the flavor and get the right consistency

– parallely drain the chickpeas (already cooked ones) or the freshly cooked chickpeas which needed       to be soaked in water overnight (I prefer the fresh chickpeas cooked by myself)

– add the chickpeas to the paste

– now is the time to add a little bit of water

– include 1-2 teaspoon of chili powder, 1 teaspoon of garam masala, a pinch of tumeric powder and salt to taste

– let it simmer for about 15-20 min until you get the right consistency

Serve hot with Quinoa.


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