Ava – Get to know your body. Get to know you

Do you suffer from irregular cycle or are you planning a pregnancy? Make your life easier with Ava fertility tracker.

I am currently pre-planning my pregnancy and I stopped taking my contraceptive pills a few month ago. I wanted to get my body back to its normal stage for a year before getting pregnant.

I had irregular cycles which normalized after taking the pill. I never bothered to track my cycle so I do not even know how my normal cycle is like.

I was searching for a way to track my cycle in order to get to know my body better. It makes getting pregnant much easier and faster. Then I found out about the Ava fertility tracker and I was convinced that it is worth a try.

I mean how cool is the idea that you could wear a tracker on your wrist overnight and it would do all the work for you? Then in the morning you can just synchronize the data onto your phone.

How does Ava work?

Well, the Ava has sensors which can measure 9 parameters to calculate the fertile days. By this way Ava is able to recognize the beginning of your fertile days and when it actually ends giving the exact window when to try for a baby.

– Ava works with 89% of accuracy

– it recognizes 5.3 fertile days per cycle

– Ava was tested for a year in a clinical study at the University Hospital Zurich

– Ava is a FDA approved medical device of class I

Ava measures the 9 following parameters:

1. Resting pulse rate (lower during the follicular stage)

2. Skin temperature

3. Heart rate variability ratio (lower ratio; less stress)

4. Sleep

5. Perfusion (higher in the fertile days)

6. Breathing rate

7. Movement

8. Heat loss

9. Bioimpedance

Many things which happen within your body or even mentally are cycle related so using Ava can make you understand your body and yourself better.

I have ordered Ava tracker online and have been using it for the past 3 nights.

the Ava sensor comes with a blue wristlet, USB cable and a manual. Before you use the tracker the first time you should charge it (I forgot to do it hence it did not collect enough data the first night).

You have to download the Ava app on your phone and then generate your profile. Via Bluetooth you can synchronize the data collected overnight to your phone.

My first impression of the Ava fertility tracker is very positive due to the following reasons:

1. It is straight forward to use

2. It has a nice and elegant design (the blue makes it very appealing)

3. Makes tracking your cycle and fertile days easier

4. Tracks 9 different parameters, which are hard to track otherwise

5. Data can be collected on your phone so you have it all the time with you

6. You only have to wear it overnight

7. Comfortable to wear

8. Light weight

The only contra I would like to mention is the price. Currently it costs 249CHF which is quite expensive. But if it really works like it is supposed to be and makes getting pregnant easier and faster then it is worth the money.

I need to test the product longer to provide a proper review and opinion but so far so good.

Hope the first impression helped you.

TheSparklingLifestyle Blogger.


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